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Whether your are a returning Herbalife customer looking to stock up on your favourite Herbalife products or visiting us for the first time to find out more about Herbalife, you have come to the right place.

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Herbalife's product range can be customised according to your personal needs and goals. Whether it be managing your weight, reaching your fitness goals or simply looking and feeling healthier, all of this starts with bringing your nutrition into balance.

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Choose the right Herbalife products for you. 

Herbalife Formula 1 protein shakes provide a balanced healthy meal for weight loss management or healthy nutrition.

If you are on the go the Herbalife Formula 1 meal bar provides an alternative healthy meal replacement. 

For extra protein needs add Herbalife F3 personalised protein powder to your Herbaiife Formula 1 shakes to help build lean muscle as you lose weight. 

Herbalife F2 Multivitamins complement Herbalife Formula 1 shakes for overall good health and Herbalife Fibre and Herbs assist digestive health.

Herbalife protein snack bars provide an excellent mid-meal snack, boost energy and help satisfy sweet cravings until your next healthy meal.  Herbalife products are a great way to shape up as you lose weight.

Herbalife - Celebrating 30 Years!


Herbalife is a global Premier Health and Nutrition Company. It pursues a mission of 'changing people's lives' by offering weight-management, nutritional supplements, energy, sports & fitness, and personal care products to the growing base of consumers seeking differentiated products and desiring a healthier lifestyle. We have built our heritage on developing unique formulas that blend the best of nature with innovative techniques from nutrition science.

Founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, Herbalife has been at the forefront of nutritional and weight-management science.  Currently operating in over 70 countries, with over 2.1 million distributors and over 35 million satisfied customers, Herbalife is well positioned to continue its growth with its scientifically-backed products, its own Nutritional Advisory Board, superb leadership, and business opportunity. Herbalife is a recognised global brand and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) reaching over $4 Billion in revenue and growing strongly.


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Launches UK October 2011

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